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I have a grave concern about the accuracy of what the Journal Gazette Editorial Board publishes in its endorsement for Allen County Treasurer. It is right of the editorial board to endorse whomever they want, but to be so misinformed about my stance on a campaign issue and then publish it as fact is not appropriate. In addition, if a few Democrats are angered because I asked the Trustee to provide documents to justify his spending, so be it! I’d rather have a few disgruntled party members upset with me than the taxpayers of Allen County to who I am accountable.

If the editorial board endorses Sue Orth because she will do what the Republican party tells her to do, fine but, it should not misconstrue the facts of my campaign.

Let me set the record straight for the voters of Allen County. I have not criticized information on the property tax bill as stated in Journal Gazette endorsement but simply objected to the excessive cost of mailing tax bills to the tune of $109,000, a 300% increase in postage and handling.

A mandate from state government to send a tax bill to every property tax owner does not warrant an open checkbook, with no regard to cost. A technically astute and cost conscience executive would have looked at the option of e-billing, which I have proposed for reducing costs at candidate forums and on my website. I did not hear my opponent say a word about it until it appeared on my website last spring.

Why wait until you have squandered taxpayer’s money to implement a cost-saving technical solution?

As a board member, I can ask for any documents at anytime irregardless if I have received them or not. I did not receive over 85% of the documents during the course of any board meetings. I challenge anyone to prove otherwise. Also, as a result of working with the Trustee and the 2009 budget, Wayne Township reduced the budget by 4% and loan requests by 40%.

Oh, by the way, does the last minute barrage of public insults and lies mean someone out there is scared I will win? How about publishing the opinion of those who appreciate an elected official making government accountable for spending?

I would advise the voters of Allen County to carefully question what they read, do their own research and ask the candidates for their clarification.

Speak to or e-mail the candidates regarding issues that are important to you and ask them to respond to what others may say about their campaigns.


Maria Para

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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