One day Kathy and Kelly were dancing to their music at their house when they heard a creak at the door. Then they heard a very loud knock. “Oh!” Kelly said, “It must be the pizza Mom ordered us from work!” But then they heard a loud CREAK! Kelly was puzzled. “It doesn’t creak that loud until Sammy tries to fit through the doorway!” Then, they heard a SLAM on the door. Then everything got quiet. As they crept down the steps they got down and Kelly asked, “Kathy, could you give me a boost up? I can’t see through the peep hole.” “Okay,” whispered Kathy. So, she grabbed her by the waist, and lifted her. So, Kelly looked through the peephole, but all she saw was another eyeball staring right back at her! “AHHHHHHHH!” They both screamed, falling to the floor. “Ouch,” Kelly said rubbing her head. “Sorry,” Kathy whispered. Kathy struggled to get up. They both looked at each other. This time they heard him hitting the door. BOOOOOMM! “Oh, my gosh!” yelled Kathy. “Well, should we answer the door?” asked Kelly. “No, Mom’s not home, but we can ask who it is,” suggested Kathy. “Yeah! That’s a great idea.” So they both called, “Uhmn…uhmn… Our mom is writing uh… writing uhhh, bills. That’s it! She’s writing bills. Sorry… can we ask who this is?” “It’s none of your business!” a man’s voice answered, “Now, you have 20 seconds until I bust down this door!” So the girls dashed up the stairs and grabbed the emergency phone. They then heard him say, “You’ll be sorry!” They got so scared they ran to the bathroom. Kathy’s pants got stuck on the edge of the wall. “I need help! My pant leg is stuck!” Then they heard him getting closer, ‘OH MY GOSH! Just come on!” yelled Kelly. Kelly ran to Kathy and ripped her pants as fast as she could. They heard him even closer, and that’s when they both dashed under the bathroom sink. They took the phone and dialed 911. But it said, “Connection failed.” “Oh man, the phone has to be outside.” They both together heard him breathing as hard as someone could and then, they heard him trip on the steps so he had wandered off looking for them. “Thank you!” Kathy stuttered, so they shut the door and tipped their heads out the window with the phone. They dialed 911, and it said they were being connected. “Yes!” Kelly said, dropping the phone into the backyard. “Oops!” yelled Kelly, crying with horror. The neighbor, John Michael stepped out and called up, “Are you two okay?” Kathy called down, “No! A man is in our house. He might be robber! He wants to hurt us.” “Stay calm! I’m busting in.” He first ran inside and got his weapon that he only used for protection, and had never used before. He got a phone and called the cops they were on the way. The man was arrested and taken to jail. The girls were never left home alone again. It was not their lucky day. The pizza man never showed up! The girls were safe, but still hungry!

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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