Allows for improved pedestrian, bicycle safety


Following through on a request from the Southwest Area Partnership, Fort Wayne’s Traffic Engineering Department has installed pushbutton crosswalk signals at the intersection of Oakdale Drive and Broadway.

The new signals at the south and east sides of the Broadway, Oakdale and Bluffton Road intersection went into operation earlier this month.

In addition to crosswalk signals, the City painted piano-key style markings on the pavement as well. The City also plans to install ADA ramps at these locations later this fall.

This intersection has high pedestrian and bicycle traffic since it is adjacent to the Rivergreenway system and close to Foster Park, plus proximity to residential neighborhoods.

Thank you to the Southwest Area Partnership and neighborhoods for bringing this area to our attention. City government really is here to serve its residents and we want to be responsive.


Parks Department reminds residents to water street trees

Fort Wayne’s Parks and Recreation Department reminds residents with street trees that are three years or younger to water these trees every 10 to 14 days while the area experiences dry weather. We’ve had some recent rainfall, but keeping the roots wet is still important.

Trees that have yellowing leaves at this point in the season are not turning colors because of fall weather but because they need water.

Watering is best done with a slow trickle from a garden hose for about an hour, completely soaking the surrounding soil. If a hose is not available, a slow watering with five to 10 gallons of water also works.


City offers free transportation to neighborhood conference
The City of Fort Wayne is offering free charter-bus transportation to the Regional Neighborhood Network Conference (RNNC) held in Lima, Ohio, Oct. 2 through Oct. 4. The conference, open to anyone, offers an opportunity to learn from nearby cities and neighborhoods that have similar opportunities, successes and challenges as Fort Wayne. Some cities that participate are Evansville, Louisville, Ky., and Columbus, Ohio.

Anyone planning to attend conference and would like transportation, contact Cherise M. Dixie at 427-1130 or For information or registration about the conference, visit

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