Porch lights will be burning and grills will be sizzling, but more important, neighbors and local police and sheriff’s deputies will be talking next Tuesday, August 5, as communities across Indiana join in celebrating “National Night Out Against Crime.”

Citizens, law enforcement, community groups, businesses and elected officials in more than 11,000 communities in all 50 states, U.S. territories and military bases worldwide will join ranks to mark the 25th annual National Night Out (NNO).

NNO serves as a “good excuse” for new neighbors to get to know one another and for old friends to become reacquainted. It also gives residents a chance to invite police officers and deputies who help keep our streets safe to stop by and chat about ways to work together to make our communities even stronger. The last thing drug dealers and criminals want is law-abiding citizens and local authorities openly communicating and cooperating.

Whether or not your neighborhood has a planned event — a backyard cookout, an ice cream social, a subdivision sporting event, etc. — you can still send a clear message to criminals that your neighborhood is organized and fighting back. Next Tuesday, show your support for local law enforcement by turning on your porch and patio lights. It will tell others that you live in a neighborhood that looks out and helps out in the fight against crime and drugs.

The Waynedale News Staff
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