The History of Colorful Journalism in Fort Wayne was presented to the Fort Wayne Quest Club on January 28, 1966: The day of personal independent journalism in its former sense has disappeared, and we are confronted with what is called institutional journalism. Personal journalism was much more interesting; and, in a day when there were no radios or TVs more influential than today’s papers. Today’s newspaper people have a great trust and responsibility. They must be a moral, broadly educated individual. Good newspaper people and in particular a good editor, must have a world consciousness and a feeling for humanity which will allow them to interpret the broad range of news and public affairs honestly, painstakingly and sincerely. Newspaper people are still, in a sense, the guardian and watchdog over public affairs. They must stimulate public opinion and promote what they consider progress. They serve the public interest best in requiring its servants to make a satisfactory accounting of their stewardship…The End.

HERBERT G. BREDEMEIR, born in Fort Wayne, was a graduate of Concordia Senior College in Fort Wayne, Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, and Indiana University. He holds honorary doctorial degrees from Calumet College, Indiana Institute of Technology and Valparaiso University. He is the author of “The History of Concordia Senior College 1839-1957 and “The History of Concordia Lutheran High School—The Golden Years 1935—1985.”

At the conclusion of Mr. Bredemeier’s Quest Club presentation, he sounded a warning that went largely unnoticed. He announced the end of independent journalism as he observed it being replaced by institutional news.

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