Wow! Prices are rising on everything and we are all feeling sad. Changes need to be made. I would like to offer some ways that work very well, to stop being sad or depressed.


Join a drum group



Play a Native American flute



Take a walk in Nature

Make a prayer circle


These things will not have much affect on prices, but they sure will have an affect on you and your spiritual well being. You will begin to erase all negative thoughts. You will feel good inside.
You have done things in a good way and The Creator smiles upon you and sends you blessings of love from Heaven.

One other thing – if you are still feeling sad or depressed, go fly a kite! You cannot hang on to negativity while you are holding the string of your beautiful kite as it soars in the blue sky like a bird and a free spirit.
Are you happy now?


I thought so.

Me too.

God bless you, my friends.


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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