“Okay, okay” I admitted to Janet. “Maybe I am a little upset but it’s only because I am the only one in the second grade who hasn’t lost any teeth!” Lila kept complaining to her best friend about how she hadn’t lost any teeth yet and everyone else had. “Well, if you are so upset, start wiggling your teeth every night, it will loosen them up and make them easier to pull out. Although, if your teeth aren’t ready to come out I wouldn’t force them…” Then, Janet and Lila heard the bell ring so they started to head for the door when Lucille stopped them. “Hey!” Lucille said. “Guess what? I lost my second tooth just now!”

“Well, I sure do feel bad for you, Lila! I mean…it’s close to Halloween, and you haven’t lost one single tooth. Man, do I feel bad for you… you will be scary!”

Lila shed a tear as she quickly walked into the hall and out the door. “Nice going Lucille, you’re a mean brat. Why can’t you leave everyone alone?” said Janet, as she followed behind Lila. “I don’t even see what your point is! She’s not even popular!” Lucille called from behind. When they both got on the bus Lila asked, “Why did God choose me? I pray, and I eat all my fruits and vegetables and I obey rules. So why did he pick me to get picked on? I am honest and healthy!”

But then Janet put her hand over Lila’s mouth, “Listen,” said Janet, “God didn’t pick you. Okay? And if you really believed in faith then maybe it will be okay! We all know you’ll lose your tooth. Sometime, everybody loses all their baby teeth. So don’t blame God for things he doesn’t control!” But then there was complete silence. “You know what? I don’t even care anymore that she made me feel like I was useless. Okay? If she said that to you, you’d be in her face. I’m not asking for you to be a better friend…’cause you are a good one. But stop taking someone else’s side! It’s never mine, especially with all I have helped you through!” Tears poured out of Lila’s eyes. Lila finished her sentence. She got off of the bus before her own stop came up. She would just walk the rest of the way home. So she started walking, then she skipped, then she tiptoed, and then she got tired. So she just slowly wiped the tears off of her face and walked to where her real bus stop usually was. Her mom had been waiting in the car for her.

“Honey, why didn’t you get off at your regular bus stop? I was worried. Don’t do it again. And I have dinner cooking and you were 10 minutes later then the other kids who got off here. Now, what happened?” said her mom in an angry but frightened voice.

“I was picked on all day about how I haven’t lost a tooth,” Lila said, “And just as normal, Janet stuck up for me. But then, also, as usual, she acted like I was a terrible person and said I keep blaming other people when it’s not my fault. So I got off at that bus stop.” More tears came out of Lila’s eyes.

“Oh Sweetie,” her mom groaned. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. You and Janet both should work on being better friends.” As they reached her house Lila ran in. Unexpectedly, Janet had been there. “Oh! Hi, Lila,” she said, “I’m sorry about what happened today. I really didn’t mean to say hurtful things. And you and I had already had plans that I would eat with you tonight…”

“Oh,” Lila answered, “That’s okay, but I am really hurt. And I know we had plans for dinner. But I think tomorrow would be better. I really don’t mean anything to be hurtful towards you, but I really think I just need to be with my family tonight.”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, okay…?” said Janet and just before she started to cry she ran out of the door. “Oh, Lila, after all of that courage she put into her being big enough to say that…you let her down big time. Are you sure she’s the one not being a friend?” her mom said with a serious look on her face. But Lila just ignored her. Later at dinner they ate corn, buttered bread and rolls. As she bit down on her roll, her tooth crunched and a shock of pain struck it! “Ouch!” screamed Lila. She just put up her plate and sighed, “Mom can I have dessert now?” Her mom looked at her and wouldn’t talk. She just brought a plate with a caramel-covered apple with nuts sprinkled with sugar and yummy chocolate syrup on the top middle. “Yummy!” said Lila. So she immediately took a huge bite, “Crunch!” But then it was more painful then good!

“OooooUuuuCcccHhhh!!!!!!” Her mom rushed up to her. “What’s wrong dear?” she asked.

“My tooth, it hurts! I think it broke off!” she screamed. Her mom looked terrified. Lila opened her mouth and felt around. She felt a hole, but also it felt like a small rock lying on her tongue. So, she pulled out the hard rounded object that felt like a rock and it was her tooth. She didn’t say one word. There were just too many she wanted to say. She looked on her fingers and they were bloody.

“Oh, dear, wash your hands and also, if you dunk your tooth in a glass of milk it will still be alive.”

“Okay…?” said Lila to her mom’s response.

So she did as she was told and then rolled up a paper towel and put it on the empty space where her tooth had been. She took it out of the glass of milk and put it in a small baggy. By looking at Lila’s face you already knew what she was saying on the inside. So, that night she put her tooth under her pillow. And, sure enough, when she woke up she didn’t have a tooth under her pillow anymore, but $4.00.

“This is so good!” she said quietly. That day at school Maddy and Leslie had also lost a tooth. As she heard them bragging, Lila knew it would be best to say nothing at all.

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Lauren Britt

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