In continuing to make City government as responsive as possible to residents, I recently announced that the six most common requests to the 311 call center can now be made online.

Reports of potholes, missed garbage or recycling collection, abandoned vehicles on public or private property, or a streetlight out can be made by clicking on the 311 logo on the homepage of

Expanding 311’s services to the City’s Web site is another step to providing open and accessible services for our residents and taxpayers. By providing these forms online, we now make 311 services available to people who might not have time to call during the workday or simply prefer to use the Web.

The Web site will assign a tracking number to online requests. These requests can also be tracked from the site. Reports need to have relevant information to the request including make and color of an abandoned vehicle and its location, street address for potholes and details about a missed garbage or recycling pick-up.

Additional online reporting forms will be made available in the coming months.

The center is now handling sewer maintenance inquiries too. The center handles 10 City departments as well as general inquiries about City government.

It handles the following departments’ resident inquiries: solid waste, neighborhood code enforcement, street lighting, street department, signal shop, water maintenance, sign shop, sewer maintenance, right of way and parking control.

The 311 call center, “one call to city hall,” handles non-emergency service requests from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The call center can be reached by calling 311 within the City limits or at (260) 427-8311. The center’s e-mail address is

Fort Wayne’s 311 call center, the first such center in Indiana, was launched more than a year ago. It has received 95,000 calls since January 2007. Every report is assigned a tracking number to provide accountability and follow through.


Deputy Mayor search

I’ve asked my Transition Team to reconvene to assess and screen candidates for the position of deputy mayor with the resignation of Deputy Mayor Mark Becker, effective May 31, 2008.

I have charged the Transition Team with finding someone who knows our community, understands our opportunities and has a familiarity with the way government works. I know that’s a tall order, but I have faith that the Transition Team will provide me with qualified candidates. I have also told them that while I would be delighted if candidates were presented immediately, they should not sacrifice quality for speed. This position is just too important.

The job description is available through the City’s Human Resources Department and can be found online at and clicking on the link to the mayor’s office.

Applicants can mail their resume and cover letter expressing why they are the right candidate to the City’s Human Resources Department, One Main St., Room 380, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, and mark it to the attention of Deputy Mayor.

Becker is joining the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership as Director of Regional Development and Executive Director of the Northeast Indiana Foundation where he will focus on supporting regional economic development throughout northeast Indiana.


Mayor Tom Henry

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