I hope I can put this together so it makes sense. It is a strange and revealing revelation to me to have a granddaughter who is so much like me. I never would have guessed that genetics could play such a strong role in the behavior and abilities and yes, even annoying characteristics. I don’t think I really ever thought that a kid could be so much like another member of the bloodline. I always watched for physical characteristics, such as face, hair and eyes in my grandchildren, but it is an amazement to watch a child grow up and repeatedly have flashbacks, knowing that the child is almost exactly like I was in so many ways. Her “take” on the world is like mine, too. She thinks like me, and she acts like me. I was never a blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty, like she is, but she has my genes. It is a real revelation to watch a child grow up and have the feeling that you are watching yourself. It is almost like being in a time warp. I wonder what she will be like when she turns a teenager. She won’t be able to slip the wool over MY eyes, since I have vivid memories of my teen years.

I hope she won’t have my wild adventurous impulsiveness, but I should not wonder if she does. I remember having all my friends in my dad’s Buick when I was 16, and pushing the speedometer up to 100 just to see if I could. And that was before seatbelts. The Indy 500 had nothing on me, I thought. I also remember making a U-turn on Bluffton Road right at the Clyde Theatre, with all my girlfriends shrieking. And it was the first time I had the car out alone. It was probably the same day I got my drivers license.

We used to go to “Big Blue” which was a stone quarry, I think. We would go at night and swim. All around there were kids sitting or lying on blankets and we would all have our radios tuned to WOWO. So we got a stereo effect before we even knew what a stereo was. I heard they oiled over “Big Blue” much later because some kid drowned. They changed the Clyde Theatre into something else, and the Waynedale Drive-In Movie theatre has ceased to be.

So much of my childhood has been chipped away. But, eureka! Here comes another “me”! Her nickname is Lulu, and she is a continuation of me in this world. The thing about it is, if I can follow her progress as she is, then I can probably predict the future. She will fall in love when she is 15 years old with a guy named Rich. She won’t just be in love, but madly in love. I hope she uses some restraint, as being madly in love keeps your brain from working right. Love is the same as having someone cut off the top of your skull, putting in the beaters of an electric mixer, and turning it on high. It may be a different day, but feelings and emotions remain the same. I will try to make her stay at the computers writing her stories, and away from the eggbeater! I hope, though, she meets someone just like Rich, who always kept me safe, in spite of all my dad’s apprehensions!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day. I heard the parade was great. I’ll try to meet up with you next year.


Much happiness to all,



The Waynedale News Staff

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