On Sunday, June 1, 2008, Kay Stark was doing her regular Sunday after church routine of clearing her computer and checking numbers on the Lottery website. When she compared the winning numbers on her computer’s screen with the Power Ball ticket in front of her, she was shocked to see the first five numbers matched. Kay’s husband was nearby so she called him over and they both compared the numbers; one-by-one, they matched.

Kay moved to Fort Wayne from Long Island, NY, 18 years ago, a single mother with three children and minimal support from an ex-husband in NY. She found a job at Fort Wayne National Bank and although she was impeccably honest, meticulous, hard working and never missed work, she nevertheless lost that job when National City Bank bought out Fort Wayne National. Her next job was with CANI a state affiliated job, but after an election and politics changed, her job was privatized and she found herself again interviewing for work. Kay’s next job was with Waterfield Mortgage Company, but they sold out to another company and Kay, who was by now past fifty-five years of age, was looking for another job.

She has since been working for JobWorks, Inc. Her current employer has been adding to and restructuring the company when news arrived to let the staff know they had to cut back on expenses. Kay refused to be depressed and was in the process of rethinking her future and discovered she had beaten the odds and hit the $200,000 Jackpot. Just when life seemed to be putting the pressure on again she played an ultra-long-shot and hit a Jackpot! The odds of picking five consecutive numbers in the Power Ball game were 3.5 million to 1.

Although she won the cash, she nevertheless reported for work as usual and is fiercely determined to do the best job she can and be the very best employee that she can! You might ask, “Why bother,” but she firmly said, “I do my best no matter the circumstances; it’s a matter of personal pride.” Kay smiled all the way through her interview and then said with a New York accent and sly grin, “Fugetabotit, I never complain because half the people don’t care and the other half would be glad.”

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