Fourteen patrols from 10 different Boy Scout troops converged on Little Turtle Beach at J. Edward Roush State Park in Huntington. The Anthony Wayne Area Council Spring Camporee was held there the weekend of May 2, 3, and 4. Unique to camporees in the past, this camporee was organized and planned entirely by the scouts.

On the first Wednesday of every month adult leaders, OA representatives, and concerned scouts attend a monthly roundtable meeting giving input to council events. It was here where camporee organizer Commissioner Jim Fox of Troop 38 enlisted the help of the boy scouts for their input of what they would like to see at the 2008 A.W.A.C. Spring Camporee.

Jumping at the chance to plan an event of this magnitude were: Wayne Phillips of Troop 22, Cody Zimmerman of Troop 302, John Dukarski and Rob Dukarski of Troop 344. First the boys decided on a “pirate” theme. They decided it needed to involve competitions so the troops could claim bragging rights. The plan was made to hold events that would be timed to help decide who won or placed in the 9 events. The events ranged from log sawing, first aid, knots and the day of competitions concluded with a very competitive double elimination tournament of tug-of-war.

Troop 302 had 3 patrols entered. They swept the log sawing event taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd! The Wolverines of Troop 344 dominated most of the other competitions taking 1st place in 4 events, lashings, first aid, knots and fire starting. The “Wolverines also came out of the losers bracket to win 2nd place in the tug-of-war, which was dominated by their much larger opponent the “Screaming Eagles.” Members of the “Wolverines” were: SPL-Sean Driscoll, ASPL-Nathan Seeleye, Rob Dukarski, Chris Shadle, Joe Osterman, Rory Lewis, Chris Kivi and Graham Horner.

Troop 344 also took 1st place in a duct tape competition. Their winning entry was a pirate costume consisting of a vest with skull and crossbones, 3-sided hat, sword and an eye patch.

Troop 344 also entered 3 patrols with the “Flaming Arrows” taking 2nd place in first aid. Members were: Jake Smith, Bronson Long, Logan Sower, Cody Amos, Ben Treesh, Connor Minns and Drew Parker. Troop 344’s 3rd patrol, the “Cobras” made up of: Ian Newton, Tommy Chavez, Alex Taylor, Joe Brown, Alvaro Caro, Hijiri Baker, Mason Thomas and Adam Lithgow were taking part in their first spring camporee together, but made a respectful showing in their first look at competitions boy scout style.

Two troops hosted Webelos in an attempt to recruit younger cub scouts in the years to come. Troop 333 hosted 2 scouts: Noah Johnson and Sam Wyatt from Pack 3021. Troop 344 hosted 8 scouts from Pack 3344.
After the award ceremony, Saturday evening was cultimated by the “Call Out” ceremony of perspective candidates for the Order of the Arrow. Members called out of Troop 344, scouters who are at least 1st class, have had at least 15 nights of camping, and elected by the troop members of their peers were: Chris Shadle, Rory Lewis, Graham Horner, Jake Smith, Bronson Long, Logan Sower, Ben Treesh, and Scoutmaster Andy Dukarski. Their ordeal will take place at Camp Chief Little Turtle the weekends of June 6-8 or August 8-10.

The camporee concluded on Sunday, May 4 with Troop 344 having the honor of conducting a non-denominational church service to close out the event. Troop 344 is sponsored by the Waynedale United Methodist Church.

Special thanks goes out to Jim Fox, Allan Ewing and Bob and Janice Henieser for assisting the boy scouts in organizing this memorable event.

The scout patch that was given to all participants was designed exclusively by Rob Dukarski from Troop 344.

The Waynedale News Staff

Andy Dukarski

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