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The Waynedale Memorial Day Parade has been scheduled! With a blast of sirens and flashing lights from Waynedale’s finest Police and Fire Departments, the 2008 Waynedale Memorial Day Parade will begin its route at The Waynedale United Methodist Church, at the intersection of Old Trail Road and Church Street.

The date is Monday, May 26th. The time is 9am sharp! All entries planning on participating in the parade, line up is 8am at The Waynedale United Methodist Church parking lot. The cost is free.

The Waynedale Memorial Day Parade is sponsored by American Legion Post #241, Post #1421, and AM Vets Post #33.

Following the parade there will be a memorial service at the Pine Grove Cemetery on Old Trail Road. The spectacular release of doves will again be a part of this year’s Military Ceremony at Prairie Grove Cemetery. The ceremonial “white dove” release will be to remember all military past and present. Ten doves will be released first. And then the eleventh dove will be released after the flock circles once. The last released dove represents the spirit of the departed, all men and women who have served our country and brought us our freedom yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The doves will circle briefly before returning to their home in Woodburn, IN.

This white dove release, called Whispering Wings, is a division of A-1 Wildlife Services. Rex Helton is the trainer and owner. He uses a special breed of white homing pigeons or ‘doves’ for this special event.

What a wonderful time for all may it be marching band, singing group, business, club, church, ball team, police or fire department, cheerleader, veteran, clown, reunion, baton group, hobby enthusiast, legionnaire, political candidate, lodge, radio or television station . . .everybody show your pride and enthusiasm for our GREAT USA!

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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