One day, Delilah had been finishing her homework when she heard a knock on the door. Her parents weren’t home so she looked through the peephole. A boy was at the door. He looked about 12. She thought he could do no harm. So, she slowly opened the door and softly asked, “Hi. Do you need something?”

“Well,” the boy said, “I am Jacob. I heard about your dad.”

“Wait!” she said, “How? I can’t really talk to strangers,” so…she started to close the door. Then he stopped her.

“Wait, please. I can help you! I can, really.”

“How do you know about my dad? And trust me, you can’t! There’s nothing you can do. I’ve seen a psychiatrist. Trust me there is no help.”

But she said she would go with him the next day to see the mystery he told her about.

For some reason, she slept better that night than she had in a while. That morning she woke up and had pancakes, her dad’s favorite breakfast.

That afternoon Jacob came over. Delilah went to the door and invited him in. She knew she would have to tell her mother a lie in order to go find out what Jacob knew. So she told her mother that she and Jacob were doing a school project together. She said they were going to the park.

Delilah’s mother made them a lunch. She said, “It’s nice meeting you, Jacob.”

Delilah and Jacob walked to the park and began eating their lunch.

“So, how do you know my dad?” Delilah asked.

“Let’s start with how I know your dad. You won’t believe this, but he’s not just your dad. He’s ours.”

“What? You’re kidding, right?”

“Ummmm, no,” Jacob mumbled. “One year before you were born he was married to my mom and had me. Then they got divorced and he met your mom and had you,” explained Jacob. “But what is important is, we have to go to the lighthouse.”

“Why?” Delilah said, “I just found out I have a brother and now you want me to go to the lighthouse? The lighthouse is haunted!”

“Just come on,” Jacob said. “I’ve had strange dreams about our dad and the lighthouse.”

When they got there, the weather seemed to be turning bad.

“Look at the sky!” said Delilah. “Right now I need to think, and really want to be with my mom. Plus, it looks like hurricane weather.”

Thunder and lightning began with a loud bang. They ducked into the spooky lighthouse. They heard a sound from the top of the lighthouse. They held still as mouses and listened.

“Help” was the sound they heard. They were afraid to go check out the sound but they thought someone might be in trouble so they couldn’t leave without finding out. They crept up the stairs holding on to each other. When they got to the top they found their dad tied up.

He said, “Delilah? Jacob?”

He was very weak and could hardly talk. They both ran to him and cried, “Dad!” “Dad!”

They untied him and they took him to Delilah’s house even though the storm was bad. Their mom was so happy to see their dad. Delilah now had her family back. Not only that but she had a new brother.

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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