Did we miss your school? If so here is your chance? Are you looking for a place that’s for GIRLS, by GIRLS, and about GIRLS? It’s the Girl Scouts!


I am a leader and have been for, four years and I am involved in Girl Scouts for one reason it is for the girls. I have had many people ask me if I have daughters and they are shocked to know that I have two boys. So if you do not have any children you still can get involved in Girl Scouts. Troops are forming and need people like you if you are interested on being a leader or know someone that is please contact Laura Burnett 747-8230 or and/or Leslie Augustyniak at the Girl Scout office at 422-3417 ext. 144.

Maybe you would like to go on a trip to Chicago or Indianapolis? Go boating? Take up archery or join in the Friday fun nights? Get a chance to lead a group at camp? Being camp staff is a fun way to get involved in Girl Scouts.

Ages: Daisy’s are 5-6 years old, Brownies are 6-8 years old, Juniors are 8-11, Cadette and Senior are 11-17 and Adults are 18 on up.

In 2008-09 school year the new age groups will be: Daisy’s grades K-1, Brownies grades 2-3, Juniors grades 4-5, Cadette grades 6-8, Seniors are grades 9-10 and Ambassadors are grades 11-12 with Adults 18 on up.

“I don’t want to do it by myself.” Girl Scout leaders are one big support group, and you can ask a friend to join the fun with you! There are all types of trainings, and monthly meetings give you ideas and information. Husband-and-wife teams are a great way to experience the Girl Scout program together.

“I don’t do crafts!” Girl Scouting is about girls growing into leaders and doing a variety of things, and it’s not always crafts. Everyone has a skill to share and there are many opportunities. You don’t have to do it all, because volunteers with all types of skills are needed.

I don’t have time!” Do you have an hour to spare? Maybe you can help your Girl Scout’s troop leader make phone calls. Or maybe you can assist a leader by setting up an e-mail group to help communicate with other parents in the troop. Do you have a day to spare? Maybe you can lead a group of girls through the camp or join a troop to share your latest trip around the world. Do you have a weekend? Maybe you are an avid outdoors person and would like to take a troop camping.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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