While shopping in Indianapolis this past weekend, I saw an herb garden growing in a store under florescent lighting and they looked real good. The special growing stand looked to be a method of hydroponics gardening where the plants had no soil and were held at just the right level submerged in the water bath. Whether grown in plain water or in artificial soil, herb gardening at home looks pretty interesting.

I did some calling around to find out if anyone had any herb plants for sale and found out that they do not have the plants but the seeds are available. Many herbs grow fast from seeds and may be worth your efforts to try. Simply use some leftover pots from last year and fill them with artificial soil. Artificial soil is better than real soil as it has no disease or bacteria and is basically safer and easier for you to grow healthy plants. After filling your pots, water the soil mix one or two times then sprinkle in the seeds on top, sparingly (do not over crowd), cover with a light covering of soil mix, then water once again.

Growing herbs inside require a minimum of five hours sunlight or around 10 hours of florescent lighting. Note that the florescent lighting must be very close to the plants-as close as possible without actually touching the leaves. Water sparingly by allowing the soil to dry out between watering and fertilize every other time you water using a diluted, general-purpose fertilizer. As your herbs grow, start by trimming off the top of the plant and from then on, trimming no more than 1/3 of the plant at one time.

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