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This year’s show satisfies your craving for spring with the galleries, seminars and experts that have made the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show THE place to be each year.


But there’s more. Much more!


Even before the doors open this year, the Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show will be buzzing. Guaranteed. A new bee exhibit will give visitors a glimpse into the miraculous world of the insects that pollinate plants and enable our way of life by making possible the production of food, clothing, textiles, medicines, and other products. In the past few years, bees have been in the news a lot, due to the mysterious disappearance of large numbers of them. The mystery has deepened our respect and awe for the role that bees play in our gardens, on farms, and in products on our kitchen table. This year’s new glass-enclosed exhibit will help students, gardeners, and other visitors discover the vital role that bees play in our food chain. You’ll never look at a bee the same way again!

After three decades, people have come to expect certain things from the annual Fort Wayne Home & Garden Show: garden galleries, kitchen & bath displays, and experts galore with tips for living the good life every day in your own home; but you don’t necessarily expect world-renowned displays of museum replicas of the artifacts of King Tut’s tomb. Show Producer Karen Tejera managed to secure the “Treasures of King Tut” exhibit for one of its only US exhibitions. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see more than 250 replicas of artifacts from King Tut’s tomb. There will also be an Egyptian gift shop for you to purchase your own King Tut collectibles. All of this is made possible thanks to sponsorships from All American Homes and WAJI-FM.

Gardening enthusiasts will find plenty to ooh and aah over in the Garden Gallery sponsored by Weber Grills and Cedar Creek Homes. The Grilling Gurus, Mad Dog & Merrill, appear daily in Garden Gallery: Thursday and Friday at 1, 3, and 7 pm, Saturday 12, 2, 4, and 7 pm and Sunday 12 and 2 pm. “The Garden Gallery is the place to see the latest in outdoor kitchen designs and grilling appliances,” Tejera said. “These are among the hottest trends in backyard entertaining.”

Among the featured speakers this year is Felder Rushing, who has attracted a national audience with his quirky cottage garden that has been featured in many TV programs and magazines and includes a huge variety of weather-hardy plants along with a collection of folk art. Don’t miss Rushing’s talks on Thursday, February 28, and Friday, February 29 at 1 and 4 pm. Rushing will also be speaking on kids’ gardening Thursday and Friday in the Family Fun & Activity Place.

Tejera said this year may set a new record for the largest number of landscape displays, which have proven to be one of the most popular draws in the show each year. “More flowers, more gadgets for your garden – it seems like people can’t get enough of that, especially when spring is right around the corner, and everyone has cabin fever!”

If indoor cooking and decorating are more your style, the Kitchen & Bath Design Showcase is for you, sponsored by Kitchen Craft. Designer Cindy Friend, a local favorite, will present seminars: “Accents – The Details are Everything” and “Timeless Elegance Meets Classic Comfort.” Friend is the owner of Cindy Friend Lifestyle Studios. The experts from Deco Illusions studio will present Faux Finishing 101 to teach you how to apply faux finishing techniques yourself with results your friends will envy.

Cooking demonstrations from local chefs and from national fan-favorite Chef J. Warren will fill the air with tantalizing aromas. Chef Warren will present his Kaleidoscope Cooking School for Kids to teach children how to make fun, healthy, and easy foods and snacks – with no knives, stoves, or danger! Thursday and Friday, 1 and 4 pm, Saturday 11 am, 2 and 4 pm, and Sunday 1 and 3 pm.

Speaking of kids, the Family Fun and Activity Place returns, this year thanks to PBS39 and 101.7 WLDE. Thursday is Grandparents Day. The first 200 kids will get a free chef’s hat, and grandparents with their grandkids will get in for $5. Friday is Home Schoolers Day. Coupons will be sent through the FWHSA newsletter in February. Families can meet Nickelodeon character SpongeBob SquarePants Saturday & Sunday! As if that weren’t enough, there will also be the opportunity to meet Clifford, and Curious George. Bisque It Pottery and Painting Studio will be offering personalized hand print tiles, mugs and vases. New this year is a “Kids-Can-Paint” table; prices range from $5 – $20! You can even adopt a pet from the Allen County SPCA, and the Zoomobile will bring in animals on Thursday and Friday at noon; Saturday at 1 pm; and Sunday at 2 pm. Also, All Star Martial Arts Academy, and Marks Ark Animal Shows will have daily demonstrations.

In recent years, the show’s producers have enabled Cancer Services to use the event as part of an annual fundraiser, which has been very successful in raising funds and awareness for the fight against caner. This year’s 5th annual Design on Life celebration is called All Hands on Deck, in conjunction with Master Gardeners. The fundraising event is February 23, 7-11 pm. For information, please call Cancer Services, (260) 484-9560.

SHOW HOURS: Thurs, Fri: 11 am – 9 pm, Sat. 10 am – 9 pm, Sun. 11 am – 5 pm

TICKETS: Advanced tickets available through Ticketmaster 424-1811 and online starting Feb 1, 2008, or the Coliseum ticket office 483-1111.

Admission at door: Adults $8, Senior Citizens (62 and older) $5, Children under 12 free!

Thursday & Friday only: Get $1 off admission when you donate a can of food. Proceeds will go to Community Harvest Food Bank.

The Waynedale News Staff

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