“Anyone who says, “no” must be mean,” Lola said.

“I don’t know if I should join the STAR PROGRAM,” she said.

Her family was being sued after the incident. It was no longer possible for her to play with Bailey. When the girls were at Lola’s cottage, they were jumping on the Spring-Bounce, which is a trampoline. Lola’s mom was not home. Bailey jumped into the air from the Spring Bounce, and landed on the concrete on her head. After Bailey fell, she was critical. That is how Lola’s family got sued.

Lola was lonely. She asked her mother if she could go see Bailey in the hospital. When she got there, she looked at Bailey and started sobbing. She held her hand and said, “I am so sorry, I really am. This is all my fault. You’re not the same anymore. I want my normal friend back.” Her face turned red and more tears came down her face.

When Lola came home she ate dinner and went to bed. She knew Bailey was very badly injured and anything could happen. That is why she joined a program called “STAR.” It teaches you how you can still have your friend even if she is critical.

One week later, Lola got a voice mail on the way to the STAR program. It said Bailey was in a deep coma and might not wake up. Lola dropped her phone and ran to her house. “This is all my fault,” she cried to her mother.

Her mother took her to the hospital, and Lola remembered what she had learned in the STAR program, on how to communicate each day. She decided to do what she was taught in the program. The last day she was there, she was walking in when she heard Bailey passed away. Lola dropped to the floor with tears. The day of her funeral was the saddest day of her life. All Lola could think about was, ” I killed my best friend.”

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