We have had several people in the shop this week, all sharing the same problem. It seems laptop power supplies fall into the category of chew toys for younger dogs. The truly interesting thing is that they only chew on the low voltage side. This of course seems logical because the 110-volt side is replaceable. However, the low voltage side has a better flavor.

When my dog was a pup I mixed some diluted hot sauce in a spray bottle and coated those things dear to me. The house smelled like a Mexican restaurant for several weeks but it was effective.

Back to power supplies. Most are affordable if you are not in a hurry. Shipping from California can take a week to 10 days. If you contact the company you bought the laptop from they may run in the $150 range, which might be somewhat high for an older unit.

One solution is a universal power supply. These come with 4 to 8 replaceable tips that will fit a wide variety of laptops. The power supply also adjusts the voltage to meet your individual laptops needs. We stock several brands in order to cover the most brands of computers as possible. Some even come with auto adaptors. So you have your choice of charging your laptop in your car or at your home or office. They also have the benefit of being affordable at around $40 to $60.

So, don’t get caught the morning of the big presentation, because Spot ate the tip off your cord. And don’t try to tape it together and do a McGyver on it. If it shorts out you could damage the charging circuit on your laptop. Bring the laptop and the damaged power supply into the shop so we can either order a new one, or provide you with the appropriate universal unit. And keep in mind most everything’s repairable once you know what’s available.


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