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On Saturday September 1st, the Bishop Luers cheerleaders participated in the National Cheerleading Association Cincinnati Classic, in Cincinnati Ohio. The competition was held at the Duke Energy center with teams from as far away as Main and New Jersey. The Luers’ cheerleaders traveled after they finished cheering for the Luers/South Side game. They arrived at 1:30 a.m. went to sleep and got up at 7:00 a.m. to get ready to compete.

They arrived at the Duke Energy center around 9:30 a.m. Junior Emily Art said, “I was in awe of the facility when we saw the stage set up for the competition. There was professional lighting and sound and smoke when we came out!”

Coach Anita Correll said, “The girls were a little intimidated by the surroundings; I just tried to keep them excited about the venue and the event.”

Bishop Luers took first place in the parochial school division. This win entitled them to a championship banner and a first place trophy. They then were awarded the Sportsmanship award for the whole competition! This was an honor to say the least! The judges decided that Bishop Luers best represented our school through our behavior and our actions!

“My girls were just being honest and themselves. I have told them to compliment teams when they feel they have done something good and that it never hurts to be nice to everyone. Competition is just that, very competitive and sometimes teams loose sight of being nice to each other.

“I was proud of my girls, they executed their routine very well and for being good people they were rewarded in a manner that says what we strive the most to teach at Luers, to be the best person you can be all the time.”

The cheerleaders were further rewarded with an invitation to compete at the National High School Competition in Dallas, TX!

“This is the real deal! It is as big as it gets in cheerleading. This is the most prestigious and oldest competition in the nation and we are very proud to be invited,” said Coach Correll.

So now comes the work to raise the money to compete and the hard work to make their routine harder and to improve all their skills. We have room to be better,” says coach Correll. “But make no mistake, I am proud of my squad. They work hard, they work together and they are a team!”

This competition is where the best of the best go and is featured on ESPN in March.

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