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To do as I teach, I have been getting more and more involved in physical activity. This is a difficult thing for me to find time for with the on-going influx in patients, but I am determined to keep it up.

Lately I have been involved in soccer, golf, volleyball, jogging, flag football, and many other fun activities and I have been having a ball. The only thing is that with this increase in physical activity, I have been getting more and more muscle cramps. I thought it was mainly due to dehydration but after speaking with Dr. Wallach, he brought to my attention that as we sweat, we lose not only water, but many minerals as well. Drinking water only helps with hydration but not the minerals. This science has been around for awhile.

Many years ago, a sports drink was invented at the University of Florida to help replenish these lost minerals. The original formula of the drink tasted pretty bad so they added sugar. It was a great idea, but the problem was that only sodium and potassium were being replenished. Thus, Dr. Wallach invented his own sports drink called “Rebound” which contains 75 essential plant derived minerals along with other vitamins and nutrients.

Ever since I started using this drink, not only did I have less cramping, but I also had much more energy. Now I drink it throughout the day. A bottle of the drink has 32 ounces in it. Mix it with 11 ounces of water and you have a 32 pack of sports drink at less than $2/drink (which is cheaper and better than most sports drinks or as I like to call it “sugar water.”

Remember to also stretch before and after each activity, and if you experience pain while doing the activity, don’t fight through it, rest or seek professional care immediately.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at 260-459-2205 or via e-mail at drnill@nillfamilychiropractic.com. Keep reading for future articles for our official open house. We are located just west of Jefferson Pointe on the north side of the road. Look for the maroon and green awnings! There will be plenty of freebies, promotions, discounts, massages, and many more exciting things at our open house so when the time comes, make it your number one priority to come and see the newest, most economical advancements in the wellness industry today.

For now, feel free to come by for a FREE tour, FREE demonstration, and/or a FREE consultation.


Take care and as always, have a healthy day!


Dr. James P. Nill DC.

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