I’ve received a few telephone calls regarding rock blasting at the Hanson Aggregates stone quarry on Ardmore Avenue. As you know, the quarry has been there for many decades. Managers at Hanson have made a point to do their rock blasting late in the day in order to minimize any adverse impact on nearby Elmhurst High School and its students and teachers. I visited Hanson’s and also the Waynedale sites where the complaints originated. It appears to me that recent minor variations in the blasting process may have led to the calls I received. I’m monitoring the situation. I believe that the quarry management has tried to be a good neighbor, but if there are ongoing problems with blast shocks that are clearly worse than usual please let me know.

Recently I introduced an ordinance to City Council–with the support of Council members Pape and Didier—requiring electronic reporting of purchases of valuable metals such as copper and aluminum which are being stolen and resold frequently in Fort Wayne. Additional reporting to the FWPD of purchases and sales of frequently stolen items such as video games will also be required when this measure becomes part of Fort Wayne City Code. Over 90% of all of the major crimes in Fort Wayne involve thefts and the FWPD needs more information to solve and more effectively prevent these crimes.

Fort Wayne’s annual “Toxaway Day” is scheduled for Saturday, September 8th. That’s the day when you can safely get rid of oil based paints, lawn chemicals, insecticides, etc., for a small fee. The location hasn’t been announced yet so keep your eye on The Waynedale News and other local media for that information.

Kids are back in school so be sure to be especially alert when driving, especially near our local schools. Give me a call with any constructive suggestions as to how we can make Fort Wayne a better city.

And CONGRATS once again to everyone who volunteered for and contributed to another successful Waynedale Picnic on August 18th!

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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