You get blamed for a lot of things, don’t You? Suffering, the way women are perceived worldwide, our inclination to sin, not stopping this or that horrible situation… We make judgments of You when we think this way; it is our narrow thinking to the extreme.

Harriet the Spy (the movie, 1996) is spying through a narrow hole in the wall. In her physically narrow perspective she sees a worker taking food from his employer and passing it out a door to someone. Harriet judges the man harshly for stealing from his boss. It is not until later in that excellent movie that we see from a window, not a hole, thus we can see the boss smiling as he watches that same man hand food to poor kids on the other side of that door.

To say “it’s all in the way you see it” does not mean truth depends on how we see. Truth is there, glowing, redemptive, unchanging. We’ve just got to be open until we find it. How? By knowing that if our “way of seeing” brings us negativity in the form of despair (and despair comes in many forms itself!), then truth we have not found. We’ve just adopted one of the faddish and short-term outlooks of those lacking creativity, imagination, hope, faith, and compassion. In short, we’ve chosen the lazy way, the less-than-fully-human way.

So, I’m sorry when one of these attitudes sneaks up on me and finds a home and I start picking at You. It usually happens when I’m in pain myself. In such times may I keep coming to You, asking for grace to see things how they are. Like Bartimaeus, may I cry, “Lord, I want to see!” (Mark 10:46-52).

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