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Avalon Swim Club won its eighth consecutive City Swim Meet August 4, 5 & 6 at the Helen P. Brown Natatorium. The Avalon team has placed either first or second in the City championship for the past 21 years and is unbeaten since 2000. Avalon holds the most city records of any team and their motto for this year’s event was, “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”

The City Swim Meet, sponsored by Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, is divided into age groups, the oldest of which is the 15-and-older division and the youngest, 8-and-under. Avalon won all three sections, boys, girls, and combination. The ending score for the boys was 1155 points, the girls won with 871 points, and the combined total was 2026. Pine Valley was second with 1825 and Sycamore was third with 1318.

The coaching staff included Alex Peirce, Andrew Hoffman, Erica Smith and Dan Judge. Alex Peirce experienced her first win in her new position as head coach. She has taken over the position from last year’s winning coach, Chris Knoblach. Peirce is a sophomore at Indiana University, majoring in sports marketing and Spanish. She said, “After this summer’s victory I may add coaching to my list of majors.”

Avalon’s Swim Club is located in the Avalon Addition off Bluffton Road in Waynedale. They are always looking for news swimmers that want to become part of the legacy. Families at Avalon Pool call this their home every summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you have never belonged to a summer pool before, you owe it to yourself to get involved with this club. It has been a part of the neighborhood for more than 45 years. For more information on the swim team please call 747-0324.

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