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Some things just come naturally…Sherie Warner and Curves in Waynedale are just such a combination. In the midst of a busy morning, Sherie arrives and brings with her a sunny smile, a funny story and a burst of positive energy. This is the Sherie we have come to know at Curves on Bluffton Road.

Sherie discovered us in the spring of 2002 after her husband saw an advertisement in The Waynedale News. Having been a member of another gym and not getting the results she wanted, she was skeptical, but hopeful, that we at Curves could help her see the results she was looking for. Sherie has diabetes, and needed to get her weight under control.

Her initial goal of a size 10 – 12 is an achievement Sherie is proud to say she has attained…and it has been fun along the way.

“It’s taken some time – but I’ve had a steady loss, and am getting to where I am proud to be.”

In total, Sherie has lost 70 pounds and 29 inches. And in combination with consistent exercise at Curves, she is maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Diabetes is restrictive, and she does her best to stay away from sweets and breads. “I mostly eat tuna, chicken, salads and fruit,” she said. Her favorite cheat foods are carrot cake and oatmeal raisin cookies. But Sherie is serious about watching her vices. “I like to buy treats for others, since I can’t have them myself.” And generous is her middle name. Sherie spends lots of time at Coventry Manor retirement home visiting her father-in-law. And of course, she spoils the girls at Curves. Her favorite part of Curves? “The ladies, and April and Becky” (manager and full time associate). They make it easy to come in and I look forward to it.” She enjoys all the other members and has gotten to know many on a personal level. It’s not unusual for her to stay and visit after her workout, but that’s just Sherie.

“The women here make it fun and worthwhile and it takes just 30 minutes. That’s why it’s so successful, the workout is perfect and the ladies are great!”

We congratulate Sherie on her status as an Elite member and enjoyed giving her the ‘Elite Member T-Shirt.’ She continues to set goals and work hard and recently started our Advance Workout, a more focused and stringent workout plan. We know that Sherie will continue to be on top of her game. Why? Because she is committed to being a winner both in health and happiness.  Women interested in Curves may call us at 478-3500, and we will be glad to introduce you to our program. You too, can become an Elite member and find your way to feeling better inside and out. It just comes naturally!

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Becky O’Reilly

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