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The Alzheimer’s Association is the world leader in Alzheimer’s research and support. For more than 20 years, the Alzheimer’s Association has provided communities with programs aimed to educate the public about the disease as well as numerous programs to assist caregivers and patients with Alzheimer’s. There are 300 chapters of the Alzheimer’s Association in the United States. Our local chapter, located at 6324 Constitution Drive, has numerous programs to assist individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as, programs specifically designed for the family and caregivers of an Alzheimer’s individual. Alzheimer’s disease does not only impact the person living with the disease, but it also impacts family, friends, and loved ones. This is why support for caregivers is so important.

Our local chapter offers a number of services including a helpline that is available 24-hours a day every day of the year. This helpline offers information, assistance, and counseling services. Locally the Alzheimer’s Association also offers education programs for families and professionals throughout Indiana that help caregivers during the progression of the disease. The Fort Wayne chapter offers a library of books available to borrow covering topics from living with Alzheimer’s to how to teach children about the disease. Support groups are also offered and meet monthly to provide caregivers and early stage patients with an opportunity to share their experiences and receive support from others coping with the disease.

Safe Return is yet another program our local chapter offers. Safe Return is a nationwide program designed to identify, locate, and return individuals with Alzheimer’s who have wandered and become lost.

In addition to the numerous programs offered by the Alzheimer’s Association, the association also funds a great deal of research on the disease. The Alzheimer’s Association is the largest non-profit funding resource for Alzheimer’s research. Since the association began in 1982, they have awarded over $200 million to more than 1,500 research investigations. Ninety percent of what we know about Alzheimer’s disease today has been discovered within the last 15 years.

One way that the association receives funding for research and programs is through their annual Memory Walk.

Fort Wayne’s local walk will be held at Foster Park on September 8, 2007. This will be the fourth Memory Walk held in Fort Wayne.

The Memory Walk provides a fun and exciting way to raise money for a worthy cause.

In the 2006 Memory Walk at Foster Park, there were clowns, moonwalks, and face painting for the kids to enjoy. There was also an Elvis impersonator, good food, and good music for everyone.

For more information and to begin raising money for the benefit, contact the Alzheimer’s Association at 420-5547 or visit their website at www.alz.org.

This year’s walk will surely be an exciting event with a worthwhile mission. With the Memory Walk, the whole family can make a difference!


*All information in this article provided by and obtained through the Alzheimer’s Association.

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