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The Miami Middle School Academic Teams finished in the top three at the Regional Academic Competition.


The English team, coached by Mr. Koerner, finished in first place at the Elmhurst competition and 11th in the state. Team members are Nana Sakinovic, Megan Grable, Rebecca Saylor, and Patrick Arthur. Other English team members are Ashlee Jackemeyer, J.J. Sebeck, and Cody Newman. The Science and Interdisciplinary teams finished second. The Science team, coached by Mrs. Sendo, includes Sierria Sanders, Leslie Muldoon and Patrick Arthur. Patrick is also on the interdisciplinary team with teammates Megan Grable, Nana Sakinovic and Alyssa Bucey-Lewis. Mrs. Hall coaches the interdisciplinary team. Math and Social Studies teams came in third. Pictured above, Mr. Neher coaches our Math team, which includes Alyssa Bucey-Lewis, Ashley Overbay and Madison Harp. Mr. Whitlock’s Social Studies team includes Madison Harp, Nana Sakinovic and Craig Fagg.

There were tense moments throughout the competition, but the teams relied on their training they have been working on since the start of the year. Our Academic Teams competed against tough teams from Summit & Woodside Middle Schools, along with fifteen other challenging schools. Miami was moved up to Class One ranking after spending several years in Class Two.

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