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Curves in Waynedale has always been known for its terrific exercise and weight management program, as well as its enjoyable atmosphere and positive influences on the women who workout there. One lady in particular has become a true spokesperson for the Bluffton Road location and she is not shy about telling everyone how great Curves has been for her weight loss and her overall wellbeing.

Betty Haack originally joined Curves during their Food Drive promotion. She saw the Curves advertisements on TV and her cousin comes to Curves. She wasn’t actually thinking about losing weight, just getting into shape. Immediately Betty found Curves to be encouraging and supportive.

She said, “Curves supported everything I did soooo much.”€ This gave Betty the fortitude to change her attitude about her eating habits. She started reading labels about calories, cutting portion size and staying away from sweets and fast food. “My one weakness is ice cream. I’d rather have that than use my calories on something I don’t like as much.” Of course, Betty chooses the lowfat ice cream (her favorite is Edy’s slow churned) but does allow herself this treat…a carton a week. This keeps her from wasting calories on other foods she doesn’t like as well.

When I asked Betty why she chose to lose weight, she said, “You do it for yourself. It’s more of an incentive than if you do it for someone else.”

Health and wellness has now become her way of life. She comes five times a week, a half hour a day and gives Curves credit for all her success.

When Betty came in, she weighed 205 pounds. From March of 2006 through October of 2006, she lost 62 pounds, 50 inches and over 10% in body fat. Betty is now working on maintaining her weight of 143 and has been successful in doing so.

“You have to make up your mind to do it. I try to drink 65 ounces of water a day plus lots of vegetables and chicken.” And…Betty continues to work out regularly at Curves.

Being 67, Betty had the usual health concerns that come with age…blood pressure was borderline and stamina was decreasing. Now Betty actually enjoys doctor visits and tires less. She continues to take vitamins and she enjoys traveling.

With the Curves travel pass, Betty can continue her routine wherever she goes. It is helpful in keeping inches where they should be, even when she is on an adventure to other parts of the country.

We applaud Betty in her tremendous success and we are so happy she walked through our door. Her friendliness and outgoing personality has made her a favorite amongst the members and the whole Waynedale Curves family.

In our appreciation and to congratulate her hard work, we awarded Betty with an Elite Member Curves shirt, and use her as an example to the many women that work hard but have become discouraged. Betty has shown all of us how mind over matter can make the difference. That and the support and exercise offered at Curves.

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Becky O’Reilly

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