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University of Saint Francis student Stephanie Fenstermaker was awarded the Kristen Fedders Scholarship for Art students at the University recently. The scholarship is named for Saint Francis’ professor Kristen Fedders who recently passed away. Fenstermaker is studying Communication Arts and Graphic Design in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Saint Francis.

The Kristen Fedders scholarship is not the first milestone for Junior Fenstermaker. Last September, Fenstermaker’s logo for Fort Wayne’s Green City Outreach Campaign was chosen to represent the initiative. The campaign’s goal is to inform and educate the community about energy conservation and improving air quality. The City hopes to improve government services and make the City more environmentally friendly.

Currently the “Change a Light, Change the World” campaign hopes to get Fort Wayne citizens to replace existing light bulbs in their homes with energy saving bulbs. The Green City logo displays a brighter and cleaner Fort Wayne. Fenstermaker’s logo presents vivid green trees covering a silhouette of the Fort Wayne city skyline.

Fenstermaker’s talents can also be seen at the University of Saint Francis art gallery. The gallery is featuring the 31st Annual Student Art Exhibition and can be seen at the Ian and Mimi Rolland Art Center. This year’s student exhibition displays several of Fenstermaker’s works including a graphic art display called “Dandy Girl” and a mixed media photo collage called “Seems Familiar.” The Exhibition opened on March 31 and will be open to the public until April 27, 2007. It features more than 800 pieces of artwork in various mediums. Many of the pieces are for sale to the public, and are quite affordable. Take this as an opportunity to get affordable, brilliant, and inspiring pieces of artwork. Be sure to look for Stephanie’s name!

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