Some important public works projects are underway this summer in southwestern Fort Wayne. Additional work will be completed on the extension of Ardmore Avenue south to Airport Expressway. Late this summer the intersection of W. Jefferson Blvd. and Covington Road near Time Corners will be reconfigured at a cost of over $3 million to move traffic through the area more efficiently. West Jefferson will also be widened west of the railroad underpass near Rockhill Park. These projects should all help move traffic more efficiently in this part of town.

A somewhat controversial project is currently being considered by the City Plan Commission. A developer has proposed a medical office park at the intersection of W. Jefferson and Aboite Center Road. My view at this time is that whatever business development occurs at that intersection the concerns of nearby residential property owners—who are concerned about loss of property value—must be respected and addressed. I’m sure that some type of development will eventually occur at this site. Exactly what remains to be seen.

I’ve received lots of emails from Waynedale News readers and many other citizens of the 4th District and Fort Wayne regarding the proposed Harrison Square project. My vote will be affected by the fact that the project will bring $60 million of new private development money into downtown Fort Wayne. I’ve been especially impressed by the comments of hundreds of young adults who’ve taken an interest in the future of Fort Wayne.

City Council just signed off on $650,000 in water main improvements for the Indian Village neighborhood to be completed during the coming months. Orchard Lane in the Belle Vista area will be resurfaced and Drake Drive in the SE Waynedale area will be partially reconstructed this summer.

I’ve received many calls and emails recently. Occasionally someone who calls forgets to leave their telephone number. If you called and didn’t hear from me….call me again!

The Waynedale News Staff

Tom Hayhurst

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