For the eighth consecutive year, Taylor University Fort Wayne will be offering its “Summer Honors College” for students who have completed the 11th or 12th grades. For a flat payment of $250, a student can live on campus from June 24 – 29 in a dormitory, eat three meals a day in the student commons, attend day-long classes, and earn one hour of college credit.

This year Dr. Dennis E. Hensley will be teaching a course titled, “Writing and Selling Short Stories and Novels.” Hensley is the author of 50 books, including six novels and eight textbooks on professional writing.

“The Summer Honors College gives a high school student the chance to discover what college life is all about,” explains Dr. Hensley. “We are in class from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day, with breaks for lunch and mid-afternoon snacks. The students have fellowship activities each evening after dinner, such as swimming parties, miniature golf, Frisbee contests, or devotional studies. They also have access to the computer labs and the university library for their homework assignments.”

Students enrolling in Dr. Hensley’s course will learn how to develop fictional plots, create three-dimensional characters, establish vivid settings, master the art of dialogue, and market their stories once they have reached final draft form. Dr. Hensley is the author of 50 books, including eight textbooks on professional writing, six novels, and a range of books on such topics as motivation, time management, theology, business organization, and public relations. He is also a monthly columnist for Writer’s Journal and Advanced Christian Writer magazines.

“The students will be reading their material aloud and providing feedback to one another,” says Dr. Hensley. “I will be doing a red pencil line editing of each manuscript, as well. For students who have always had a love of writing and may even be thinking of writing as a career, this is a chance to advance their skills to professional levels. Many of the students who previously have taken this summer course have subsequently become published writers in magazines, newspapers, online periodicals, and at book publishing houses.”


Dr. Hensley holds a Ph.D. in English and serves as director of the professional writing major at Taylor University Fort Wayne, where he is a professor of English. He has written more than 150 published short stories and more than 3,000 newspaper and magazine articles. His writing program was named “Best College Writing Program” for three consecutive years by The Christian Communicator magazine, and Dr. Hensley has been a recipient of the “Award for Teaching Excellence” by Indiana University.


Students wishing to enroll or to receive a free brochure about Summer Honors College may call the Office of Admissions at Taylor at (260) 744-8600 or go online at www.fw.taylor.edu/shc.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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