Around March 9, 2006 Bud Selig wanted to read the book, Game of Shadows before making any decisions about Barry Bonds. Selig was quoted, “But we will review everything there is to look at, and, at some appropriate time I’ll have further comment but I don’t have any further comment at this point.”

A day after Selig’s quote, Ronald Blum of The Associated Press was helping Selig make some kind of a decision. Talking about Bonds, Blum stated, “It will be close to impossible for Bud Selig to touch him for anything he did before 2003.”

The fact is, that before 1999, Bonds hit a home run every 16.1 times at bat and his highest home run total was 46. Since then he has averaged a home run every 8.5 times at bat and had a high of 73.

Beginning with spring training in 1999, Bonds became obsessively jealous of Mark McGuire. The Sports Illustrated, March 20, 2006 article, “Stand and Deliver” by Tom Verducci stated: “Commissioner Bud Selig knows that his legacy may be defined by the way he handles Barry Bonds. His next move will be telling.”

Have you heard anything lately? I guess we now wait for the appropriate time with the appropriate comment.

I am not sure whose legacy is the most important, Bud Selig’s or Barry Bonds’.

The Waynedale News Staff

Denver Howard

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