Not too long ago, there was a tradition at Bishop Luers that the seniors would ask the incoming freshmen if they would like to buy an elevator pass. As most people know, Luers had no elevator at that time, but that fact is soon to be changed. Luers is finally getting a lift!

The need for a lift has been prominent for some time now, but the funds were just not able to be procured. Finally, with the help of many generous people and the Capital Campaign, this need is going to be fulfilled.

Construction for this special new addition to the school is scheduled to begin as soon as the diocese releases the contracts for construction. Rooms 130 and 232 (the old Home Economics room and part of the Academic Success room) will house the lift. The actual lift will be approximately four feet wide by five feet deep. The new room that will enclose the actual lift and the equipment needed to run it will be approximately 11 feet wide and six feet, eight inches deep.

The architect for this project was Hoch Associates, but the contractor’s name, who will build the lift, has yet to be released.

There will definitely be many injured people, who would have otherwise not been able to get upstairs, that will enjoy having the convenience of a lift, but perhaps none quite as much as Stephanie Wyatt. Wyatt has cerebral palsy and due to this, she travels via wheelchair. Currently, all of Wyatt’s classes that would normally take place upstairs are being held downstairs in a meeting room. Wyatt is very excited that Luers is getting a lift so that she can finally go upstairs.

To some, it may not seem understandable why Wyatt would come to Luers when it seemed so ill-equipped for someone in a wheelchair, but to understand this, one must have a little background on Wyatt herself. Wyatt is the last of eight children to come through Luers. As she put it, “Not to come to Luers would be like breaking a family tradition.”

When asked if she saw coming to Luers as a difficulty, she replied, “I saw it as a little bit of a challenge, but I knew it would be better than grade school.”

As one can imagine, being in a wheelchair would bring about day-to-day hardships anywhere, not just at school. When questioned about this topic, Wyatt remarked, “The most difficult part of my day is trying not to run over people (with my wheelchair), especially when I am mad at them.”

Wyatt would like to thank Sarah Ali, Bridgett Dooley, Mary Kate Litchfield, Jennifer Moehlenkamp, Marissa Nelson, Mary Kate Litchfield, and Brandon Vargas for being especially kind and helpful.

As the rest of the school year unfolds, be sure to watch out for the exciting addition of the lift to Luers. Also, if the opportunity arises, get to know Wyatt; one may learn a thing or two about making the best of what one is given by this sweet and very funny freshman girl.

The Waynedale News Staff

Michelle Hellinger

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