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Lisa Palmer the head coach of the 8th grade girl’s volleyball team at St. Therese informed The Waynedale News that on October 28th, the 8th grade girl’s volleyball team won their league tournament. They finished undefeated with a 10-0 record. This is their 3rd straight league championship.

The league champion players include: Maria Beck, Abby Bireley, Emily Burrows, Kayley Colvin, Kim Davis, Molly Dimit, Sarah Dirig, Katilin Hofrichter, Liberty McCartney, and Alyssa Shaffer.

Assistant Coaches were: Andrea Allphin, Sheryl Nevers and Jamie Uecker. Sheryl got a job in Indy and had to leave the first of October, that is when Jamie took over Sheryl’s position. Andrea, a junior at Bishop Luers, has been assisting as a coach since her freshman year. Lisa Palmer has coached volleyball since 1983, except for 3 years (1990, 1991 and 1992) at Bishop Luers. Obviously, she has a love and passion for the game and for coaching these girls.

St. Therese’s first round opponent was against St. Mary’s/Joe and they won 25-7 and 25-18. Their semi-final game was against St. Rose/Louis and they won those games 25-8 and 25-11. Against Queen of Angels in the championship game, St. Therese won 25-15 and 25-22.

“The first of the championship games against Queen of Angels was the best game they played all year,” reported Coach Palmer. “Our passing game was great which led to a lot of good set ups and hits. We moved well and as a team we didn’t have any dropped balls.” The second game was much closer. Queen of Angels played very well and took the lead at one point. St. Therese kept their heads during the game however, and didn’t get down, the team managed to pull out the win after it was tied at 22-22.
Molly Dimit and Liberty McCartney led St. Therese in serving. Liberty had 5 aces and Molly was 9/9. One of the setters, Abby Bireley, had 5 assists and 4 kills. Emily Burrows also had 4 kills in the match. Kaitlin Hofrichter had 3 kills but more importantly played consistently well all around and always hustles. Alyssa Shaffer played outstanding defense and had many digs. She was St. Therese’s back row specialist and Kayley Colvin came in and played for her in the front row. Kayley, also was a good, consistent hitter for us all year. Maria Beck, Kim Davis and Sarah Dirig were always ready to come in and play wherever needed. They did a nice job all year and have contributed to the success of the team in many ways.

The 2006 8th grade St. Therese volleyball team has a strong work ethic and have been great leaders and role models for the 7th grade team. “I give out a special Mental Attitude award at our athletic banquet next spring in memory of my daughter, LeighAnn Marie Palmer (who died in 1995 at the age of 3-1/2) and this team is going to make it very difficult to decide who to give it to.” “These young ladies have been a joy to coach for the last 2 years,” said Coach Palmer.

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