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Of all the issues in the Third District election, affordable health care has come to the fore. At the Congressional Forum on senior issues held by United Senior action of Indiana in Fort Wayne, Dr. Tom Hayhurst stated that he would work to make changes to the Part D Prescription benefit so that it serves the needs of Medicare beneficiaries, rather than the drive for excessive profits by drug and insurance companies.


Dr. Hayhurst would do that by:

• Requiring Medicare to negotiate lower prices from drug companies, just as the Veterans Administration does for veterans.

• Guaranteeing our right to safely import medicines from licensed pharmacies in Canada and the European Union.

• Use the savings, billions of dollars, provide a comprehensive benefit — with no donut hole!


Seniors want to obtain their drug coverage directly from Medicare instead of from private insurance companies.

Unfortunately, Rep. Mark Souder nor a representative from his office attended the hearing.

Dr. Tom Hayhurst has the medical experience and the will to work for affordable health care for all Americans.

Advocacy Of Dr. Hayhurst For Congress

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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