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Waynedale resident, Jerek Reyes, has produced his first album, had it professionally mastered, and is now available for sale in numerous areas throughout Fort Wayne…at 16 years of age.

“He’s not a performer,” said his mother, Monica Reyes, “He makes the music.”

Using little more than a keyboard and computer software, Reyes shuts himself in his room and produces rap and hip-hop beats. “When the door closes, I know he’s in there making his music,” Monica said.

A musician since 11, Reyes can competently play the keyboard, guitar, and drums. “I think of things in life and put a tune to it,” Reyes said.

His biggest influences are said to be veteran rap group Bone-Thugs and Harmony and his family friend, Amanda Perez. His biggest encouragements have never stepped into the spotlight, however. His cousin Jenna and his late aunt Donna seem to influence his music most of all. Reyes keeps a portrait of him and his aunt on the desk where he works. “I can do it as long as she’s there,” Reyes said.

As a sophomore at Wayne High School, Reyes was encouraged by his friends to record his beats and put out an album. It all began with a picture idea for the front cover. Reyes liked the idea of posing as an inmate, thus sparking the title, America’s Most Wanted Beatz. It was his mother who decided to get the photos done and put the plan in motion. Reyes had already recorded an amount of music by this time, which made the process run more smoothly. All that was left to do was make it radio-ready. Then Reyes’ took the album to Sweetwater to have it mastered and copied. America’s Most Wanted Beatz is now being sold at all Fort Wayne Wooden Nickel locations.

One song of interest on the album is the second track. Inspired by the kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old Fort Wayne resident, Alejandra Gutierrez. “It hit him pretty hard. He wouldn’t leave his room for days,” said Monica.

Each scream featured on this song symbolizes each person who died at the hand of the kidnapper.

Because he himself does not sing or rap, each song is purely instrumental. However, he is presently looking for someone to contribute to his productions. “Anybody who’d have me,” he quipped.

Reyes has his second album in the makings.


For more information on Reyes and his upcoming album, visit his website at www.myspace.com/midwestgangsta.

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Destany Maddox

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