Approximately 20 Model A Fords and their owners will motor to Kingston Residence, 7515 Winchester Road, for an evening of reminiscence on Friday, September 8.

The event, which lasts from 4 to 7 p.m., marks the 5th year that Old Fort Model A Club members have displayed their vintage vehicles at the assisted living community.

According to Pam Baxter, spokesperson for the organization, the introduction of the Model ‘A’ marked the first time that the common man was able to own a car. In addition, she said, “they’re a good-running little car,” and, unlike some other classic vehicles, “they maintain their value.”

Model A production began on October 20, 1927, and ended August 31, 1931. In contrast to its predecessor, the Model T, the Model A came in seven body styles and an amazing four colors. The car contained more than 6,800 parts, compared to only about 5,000 for the Model T.

Better yet, the Model A was affordable. For just $385, a buyer could drive off in a Model A Roadster. Another $10 would get him a beautiful Phaeton. The Ford Coupe sold for $495, and at just $550 the Ford Sport Coupe was a classy ride, indeed!

Ford produced some 4.5 million Model A’s before adding the V-8 engine in 1932 and calling it the Model B. With the declaration of World War II, Ford suspended manufacturing of the automobile and converted all of its plants to war production.

The public is invited to visit Kingston Residence while the Model A’s are on display.

For additional information about this event, contact Cindy Pond, Community Relations Director at Kingston Residence.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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