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Owners of Dragon’s Keep Café, L-R George Webber, Mary Isenhour, Jeb Brenneman, Merritt Isenhour
Owners of Dragon’s Keep Café, L-R George Webber, Mary Isenhour, Jeb Brenneman, Merritt Isenhour
On April 25, 2006, Waynedale welcomed Dragon’s Keep Café to the area. The newly opened café is family owned and operated by George Webber, Merritt & Mary Isenhour and Jeb Brenneman of Fort Wayne. “In November of 2005, the process of remodeling Dragon’s Keep started but the café was talked about for 6 years,” said Merritt Isenhour.

Mary Isenhour, Merritt’s mother, was said to be the idealist behind the café, but a Scottish castle called the Dunnotar, in Northern Scotland, inspired the cafe’s name. The café has a very down to earth, homey appeal. It also has a friendly atmosphere with a large selection of gourmet coffee.

Although Dragon’s Keep is a coffee shop, there is an assortment of menu items for customers to choose from. Full lunch menus are available, and their specialties include: chillin’s, wraps, and turkish coffee. Before Dragon’s Keep, the Webbers owned Rendez Brew coffee house located in Canterbury. Their new café appeals not only to past customers from RendezBrew, but to a wide range of people of all different ages.

The café has a pleasant yet comfy room called “the India Room” located in the back of the shop. In addition, Dragon’s Keep Café offers outdoor seating in front and in back of the café.

Computer access with Internet is available for usage. Dragon’s Keep Café is a place you should consider if you’re looking for good coffee, a good meal, or a long discussion while relaxing in the ambience of casual dining. Dragon Keep’s café is located on Lower Huntington Road between the Waynedale Bakery and LTD Dance Studio, near Old Trail Road. For additional information contact Dragon’s Keep Café at 918-3338.

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