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Bishop Luers HS


Valedictorian: Allson Meyers
Parents: Matthew and Angela Meyers
Future Plans: Allison plans on attending Ball State University to study healthcare (nursing and pharmacy).


Salutatorian: Jessica Wyss
Parents: Paul and Kim Wyss
Future Plans: Jessica plans on attending Ball State University to study Actuary Science.



Elmhurst HS


Valedictorian: Daniel Botteron
Parents: Maureen and Jaime Botteron
Future Plans: Daniel plans to attend Middlebury College of Vermont. Major undecided.


Salutatorian: Derrek Yager
Parents: Becky and Kevin Yager
Future Plans: Attend Wabash College and major in Math.



South Side HS


Valedictorian: Caleb Schloss
Parents: John Maxson and Krista Schloss
Future Plans: Caleb plans to attend Indiana University and is not sure what he will be majoring in. He is considering majoring in Business or Engineering.


Salutatorian: Daniel T. Moore
Parents: Jim and Nancy Moore
Future Plans: Daniel plans to attend the University of Chicago and wants to double major in Philosophy and Economics. After Dan’s studies are completed at the University of Chicago he plans to attend Medical School.



Wayne HS


Valedictorian: Nicholas Lee Shultz
Parents: David and Cynthia Shultz
Future Plans: Nicholas will be attending IPFW to study engineering and earn his Bachelor’s degree.


Salutatorian: Paige Nicole Koomler
Parents: Tim and Terri
Future Plans: Paige will be attending Manchester College to study Premedical Biology, enter Medical school, and later become a pediatrician.

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