I, as many of you, I’m sure, watched the Olympics. I’m more than a casual watcher. I watch everything, from the opening ceremonies to the extinguishing of the flame, and then I watch all the commentary, before, during and after. I do everything but paint myself red, white and blue, cheering on our young Olympians who have put in years of training to win a spot at the top of the American teams. I’m proud of them whether they win or lose. They play with such heart, and are always so proud to be representing their country. Even though I always cheer on the USA, I am impressed by all the athletes who come to these games and give it all they’ve got, to stand on that medal stand and be honored with a gold, silver or bronze medal. I always think of my brother, who I feel now, and felt then, could have been an Olympian. He held the pole vault record at Elmhurst for years, even after he graduated. In my heart he is an Olympian and had not fate intervened, he would, also have stood on the stand for a medal. But enough of my sentiment.

This year I want to address an Olympian named Bode Miller: You had a chance to win five medals. Your youth and skill in downhill skiing were almost unsurpassed. The hope of a country went with you to the Olympic village. You were our great endearing hope. It is with the greatest disappointment and shame that I tell you these words: You did not do our country, your family, or yourself proud. From the beginning you scoffed at what is almost sacred, and admitted to ski drunk. You partied far into the evening, not giving a care if you represented us well. All that was important was that you had fun. At least that’s what you said. You went to have fun. What a disgrace you are. You have no idea how many dreams went with you, or that we placed all our hopes on your attempts. You were sent because you were the best of the best. Well, that’s what we thought. We didn’t take into account the arrogance, indifference and the fact that you are a snot-nosed brat. I have read many commentaries since the games, and have yet to read one in your favor. You let so many down. You could have medaled in five events. You were disqualified in three and did poorly in the other two. One would think you would have been devastated, or at least wounded, or embarrassed that you let your country down. Not because you tried your best, and failed. We would have accepted that as the way the games go. Some lose, some win. But, never in the history of watching the Olympics have I seen one as disgraceful as you. You didn’t care. Pass the beer! Where are the women? I’m here to have a blast! Well, Bode, you had a blast. You had the booze and I’m sure you found some female to hang on, but what you did was let your country down. You let OUR country down. I regret that an athlete who wanted to win was not given the chance you were given. It is my fondest hope that we have seen the last of you.


Mae Julian, still in a rant.

The Waynedale News Staff
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