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Co-owner Dave Alverson discusses beverage distribution with Coke rep. as Pro Quinn Griffing checks over the new renovation at Donald Ross Golf Course.
Co-owner Dave Alverson discusses beverage distribution with Coke rep. as Pro Quinn Griffing checks over the new renovation at Donald Ross Golf Course.
Donald Ross lives on. The spirit of the man who designed Pinehurst Country Club #2 and over 413 other golf courses in the country, lives on at Fairview Golf Course, corner of South Calhoun and Tillman Road, that he designed back in 1927.

Dave Alverson and Quinn Griffing, owners of Sycamore Golf Club in North Manchester, IN, recently purchased Fairview Golf Course following a sale from the estate of former owner Jim Kelley. Jim Kelley purchased the Fairview Golf Course in 1968. Co-owners Dave and Quinn thought it fitting to rename their golf course after the one who designed it, Donald Ross.

Donald Ross was born in Scotland in 1872, and left behind a legacy of golf courses that he designed, including Fairview. In New England alone he is credited with 87 golf course layouts.

“When it comes to renovation and restoration too many today have been concerned with imposing their own style of design than with enhancing the virtues of the old layouts,” said Dave. “Not true with us. We really like the traditional layout here and have no plans to change the course. It will remain an 18-hole golf course.” “With the flooding in the past, this course has received many nice upgrades including new seeding and sand bunkers. There are trees that need attention but generally the course is in great shape.”

“We are excited about our venture here in Fort Wayne,” commented Quinn. Quinn has 20 plus years experience as a pro. Previously in North Dakota and Berrington Hills in the Chicago area, and will be the head golf pro at the new Donald Ross Golf Course. “This course is enjoyable for all ages and all levels of play.” Excited about the new system using automated tee times, Quinn said, “Our number one goal is to get everybody out on the course, not standing around waiting in the clubhouse.” Avid golfer Quinn also made the comment that you will see him on the course on a regular basis.

Many new amenities have been added to the clubhouse. The new owners have totally remodeled. They have given it a new view with new windows on both sides, as well as, a fresh coat of paint and new carpet, new locker rooms and bathrooms, tv’s, tables and bar stools.

A beverage cart will be available on the course this year. Also at the turn and in the clubhouse they will be serving burgers, brats, and hotdogs as well as a nice cold beer. So arrange for your league to play or plan a golf outing for your business or organization soon. Contact golf pro Quinn at 745-7093.

It’s mid-spring in Fort Wayne and the newly renamed Donald Ross Golf Course is playable so you local golf hackers who want to play like Tiger Woods get out there and play, reaffirm the spirit of a pioneering Scotsman, Donald Ross. The course opened on Saturday, March 11, 2006 and is located at the corner of South Calhoun and Tillman Road.

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