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Breohnt Ellington demonstrates a Dead Lift of 400 lbs. in the NEIRC Competition held January 21, 2006.
Breohnt Ellington demonstrates a Dead Lift of 400 lbs. in the NEIRC Competition held January 21, 2006.
The Northwest Indiana Regional Weightlifting Championship was held on January 21, 2006. Weightlifting, which is a club sport at Wayne, is gaining acceptance as more athletes now utilize the weight room for more than just an off-season work out.

The competitions consist of three different types of lifts: the BENCH PRESS, the DEAD LIFT and the CLEAN.

When attempting the Bench Press, a person lies on their back on a bench, brings the bar to their chest and then presses the weight up vertically until their elbows lock. The Dead Lift requires the competitor to lift the weight off the floor until he reaches a standing position, with his shoulders back. The Clean requires the lifter to snap the weight off the floor and up to his chest.


The top five places receive points. Wayne’s results in the meet were as follows: 


RAY BYERS placed 2nd over-all in 181 lbs. sophomore class.

BREOHNT ELLINGTON, a junior, placed 6th place over-all in the 242 lbs. class and 4th in dead lift.

RAY BORROEL a junior placed 4th in the 220 lbs. class.

DONAVAN BRYAN placed 3rd over-all among freshman.

CHASE SCRIBNER placed 2nd over-all among freshman.

MICHAEL RIGGENS competed and established personal best lifts.

DURAN BROWN placed 3rd among sophomores and 4th in the dead lift.

JEFF ROGAN established some personal best lifts.


Larry Getts is the weight lifting coach and Aaron Sauter is the strength and conditioning coach.

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