Many times you hear the expression from baseball people, “I’d just like to be on a winning team. I’d like to be paid for what I’m worth. I just want to be respected.” etc. There appears to be other reasons behind these statements that the average fan doesn’t understand.

In January 2003 the Boston Red Sox signed a 28-year-old general manager, Theo Epstein, with the idea he could lead the Red Sox to a World Series, which hadn’t happened since 1918. Well, the Red Sox won everything in 2004 and Epstein quit after the World Series this year, very unhappy.

In January 2003, Dusty Baker, after a 10-year successful run at the helm of the San Fransico Giants, left the Giants to manage the Chicago Cubs. He was a 3-time, National League Manager of the Year with the Giants. An article about Baker in January 2003 stated: “Cubs’ Baker says handling Sosa won’t be a problem.”

Mannie Ramirez…no winner at Cleveland…big salary…and 2004 Red Sox World Series doesn’t want to play for the Red Sox.

There are many examples of players leaving after what appears to be a successful season. I don’t understand what goes on in the minds of baseball people. Do You?

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