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Pictured with Senator Lugar are: Zack Miller and Emily Terrell-Carroll HS, Abram Magner and James Pierce-Heritage HS, and Jesse Christman and Jennifer Kruse-Woodlan HS. Christine Moser and Heather Davidson-Elmhurst HS, Laura Ardington and Patrick Hackler-Canterbury School, Augusta Pryor and Jon Welling-Bishop Luers HS, Samy Younis and Melissa Richeson-Northrop HS, and Ben Crum and Vincent Edwards-Paul Harding HS. Bret Angel-Bishop Dwenger HS, Annita Tanksley-Wayne HS, Abby Christman-East Noble HS, and Larry Buchanan, Galen Harden, Hari Vasu, Mack O’Shaughnessy and Puja Parikh-Homestead HS.More than 450 high school juniors and 105 accompanying adults attended the 29th Annual Richard G. Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders held December 10, 2005 on the campus of the University of Indianapolis.

Lugar opened the day speaking without notes and answering students’ questions for 50 minutes.

During his address, he discussed Iraq, the budget deficit and trade imbalance, energy prices, and the need for developing more sustainable energy. Additionally, he detailed the current state of U.S. relations with the international community. Lugar then fielded a variety of questions from the student participants.

In smaller discussion groups, students exchanged ideas and debated opposing views on ten different topics including U.S. Leadership in the World, juvenile crime, renewable fuels, homeland security and media responsibility.

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