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The Waynedale News carriers are made up of families and individuals that distribute the newspaper twice a month through all kinds of weather. For some it is their first job. Their parents take the time to instill in them good habits that may well define their work habits in future jobs. Other carriers are retired and take on a route in order to stay in shape and make some extra money. The 10,300 papers that are delivered every other week go to 19 different carriers scattered throughout the southwest quadrant of Fort Wayne.

The Waynedale News is printed in Columbia City at the Post & Mail, the first drop on the way back from Columbia City goes to the John Schaefer family. He and his kids, Zach and Nathan, do bubble drops at local businesses. Zach is a third grader at Haverhill Elementary and Nathan is in the sixth grade at Summit Middle School.

Next comes Amy Poffenberger (not available for photo). Amy takes care of the “South of Lower Huntington Road” route. Her regular job is security at Dupont Hospital. Shantel Lahr is next on the list. Shantel is a fifteen year old, home-schooled, young lady who loves to dance. She has been taking dance lessons from Dance LTD for 10 years and she uses her route money to pay for the lessons. Her dad & mom, Doug and Lisa, help her with her route.

The next drop is at The Waynedale News office. Jim (Rooster) Cassell, who covers bubble drops on West Jefferson, picks his papers up from our office and Executive Editor Cindy Cornwell puts labels on the papers that will go to the downtown post office to be distributed throughout the United States. Next drop is to Jeremiah Campos who takes care of Pheasant Run Addition. Jeremiah is home-schooled and he and his mother, Jennifer do the delivering. Jeremiah likes to spend his route money on video games and he even saves a little. Sue Stalter (not available for picture) from Allison Drive now delivers the route that her son used to take care of. Sometimes the kids move on and the parents take over.

Peter Schnellenberger is now an Elmhurst sophomore, in the class of 2008. His parents, Allen and Sandy, help him with his route. Peter saves some of his route money and spends the rest on his girlfriend, Amber.

Shaun Burridge, is now attending Indiana Business College. She is a graduate of Concordia High School and uses her earnings to pay bills and put gas in her cute red Ford Ranger pick-up truck. She delivers in the Winterset Addition.

Andrew Niemoeller delivers in the Belle Vista Addition. He is a Bishop Luers senior and is planning on attending college at IPFW. His parents are Mark and Marilyn Niemoeller and Andrew uses his route money for gas and car insurance.

Justin and Meagan Schoeff deliver in the South Calhoun area. Their father, Al, sometimes helps with the delivery on his unicycle. Justin and Meagan Schoeff attend South Side High School and most of the route money goes to pay for Direct TV. Ed and Mary Lou Fox enjoy delivering The Waynedale News all around Waynedale. They are Wayne High School Boosters and go to all the Wayne home games. They love to brag about their grandkids, especially soccer star Page Koomler. Ed and Mary Lou spend their route money on vacations.

Jack and Mary Shepard keep their kids busy delivering door to door. Julia Shepard is a sophomore at Wayne, Joseph is a freshman, and Kasey is in the eighth grade at Miami Middle School. Their route money goes toward driver’s licenses and insurance.

Charlotte and Dorothy Janovyak deliver in the Indian Village area and are both home-schooled. Charlotte is in tenth grade and Dorothy is in sixth. Charlotte likes to spend part of her money on food, and Dorothy likes to spend hers on anything to do with Frodo, the lead character in Lord of the Rings. Both girls save part of their earnings for college. Jamie Lindsey delivers in the Old Mill area. Her dad, Jim has helps her lay out the route and makes sure the papers get to the desired locations.

The Leffers make delivering the paper a family affair. Cory is a sixth grader at St. Therese and Krista is a senior at Bishop Luers High School. Their parents, Steve and Karen, have been with the paper for many years. What a blessing they are to the community.

Brittney Kimmel delivers her papers in the Avalon area. Her parents Larry and Kara both help with the route. Brittney is a junior at Wayne High School. The family uses the money for vacations as well as gas and mad money.

Next on the route is Kelly Voltz. She and her two kids, Matt and Mason, deliver in the Winchester Ridge area. Matt was on the couch, ailing when their picture was taken. Bryan Cox has graduated from Elmhurst High School and is now going to school at IPFW. Bryan, as well as, his mom and dad, Cheryl and John, fill in when he can’t make it.

Tara Warren is new to our delivery team this year and is busy with the Foster Park route.

From composition to layout to printing to delivery, it takes a lot of gears to make the Waynedale clock work, including the readers, who pay the subscriptions that complete the cycle of The Waynedale Newspaper, now in its 75th year.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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