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Florence Belle Paxton celebrated her 103rd birthday with friends and family on January 1 at Lutheran Homes. She lived in her own home until she was 100 and has been very happy and contented since she moved to the Lutheran facility. She enjoys wheeling herself down the halls and greeting everyone she meets.

On January 1, near the Indiana-Ohio state line, Florence was born to Melville and Linnie (DeWeese) Driscoll. Her father was a tenant farmer. When she was three weeks old the family moved to another farm about a mile away, making the trip in a bobsled.

In 1929, she married Robert Paxton. They lived most of their married life in Fort Wayne.

Florence is the second oldest of 12 children. She has out-lived all but two of her younger siblings. They are Marion Driscoll and Bonnie Austin, both of Fort Wayne. The youngest sibling, Allen Driscoll, just recently passed away, March 2005.

Florence and her husband Robert had four children; Shirley Borton-Fort Wayne, Glen Paxton-Florence, Alabama, Marilyn Hutchins-Fort Wayne, and Betty Koomler-Angola. There are 11 grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and 10 great great grandchildren. Florence became widowed in 1993.

Florence and Bob had an interest in antiques and spent many happy hours attending auction sales, antique shows, flea markets and private displays.

They also enjoyed their family and many friends.

Happy Birthday Florence!

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