Emergency assistance, in regards to the basic necessities of life, is the primary responsibility of the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office.‑The office, as a guardian of your tax dollars, requires that individuals requesting assistance meet certain eligibility guidelines set by the Indiana Codes. Eligible citizens may apply for assistance with shelter, utilities, medication, food and burials. Unlike other states when just being under the financial guideline would qualify you for public assistance, our investigative staff ensures that eligibility requirements are met, the applicant is in an emergency situation and that it is evident that this situation was not caused by the lack of his or her own personal effort.‑They also investigate the information provided by the applicants to prevent instances of fraud. Only when all of these conditions are met do we use township funds. If we are unable to grant assistance or if the client has a greater need than we can satisfy, the staff also provides information on other community resources available to them and even assists them with obtaining pledges and appointments by phone with other agencies thus saving people in need valuable time. This may not seem like much, but to a single mother with children it is critical.

Any township that just does the aforementioned to the level of expertise that the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office provides would be considered an excellent steward of public resources. The office has implemented programs for both people who qualify for assistance and also those who do not. If you have ever been one of the people who have fallen through the cracks for any reason you could appreciate this.

The Accounting Department’s Representative Payee Program ensures that the current needs of Social Security beneficiary’s are met on a monthly basis by utilizing their benefit(s) on food, shelter, medical care and other items for the beneficiary’s personal comfort. The free service has saved taxpayer dollars that can be used for residents in need and has prevented resources from being wasted on non-essential expenses. Participants are assisted with re-certifications and income and expense verifications necessary for continued shelter, food and medical assistance from the city, state and government.
Our Employment Department staff matches clients’ skills with the needs of employers and then contacts the clients by mail (or at times, by phone) to refer them to potential jobs. The sooner a client transitions from using up resources to helping provide them, the better off we all are.

The Outreach Homeless Shelter exists to help stabilize families by providing a safe living environment.‑Housing is the first and most important necessity to secure before clients can improve their situations.‑Clients may stay in the shelter on a temporary basis while the Outreach staff helps them secure more permanent housing.

The Outreach Self-sufficiency Program utilizes intensive case management, home inspections, and group discussions to help clients develop the skills and attitude necessary for independence.‑This valuable program helps people become self-sufficient, thus reducing the likelihood that they will need future assistance.

The Workfare Program serves our community and, at the same time, gives our participating clients the feeling of accomplishment and well being through serving others.‑Workfare clients are referred to not-for-profit organizations to provide a variety of services, from general office assistance to manual labor.‑The Workfare staff tries to match the clients’ skills with the needs of the agencies.‑Clients are able to gain job experience and, at times, develop new skills through our Workfare Department. The Wayne Township office requires able bodied recipients to give back to the community for all that they have received.

Wayne Township’s Computer Explorer’s Camp is designed to teach and inspire area youth about computer technology and their future.‑They are taught through hands-on and creative learning.‑This summer camp is loaded with technology, crafts, guest speakers, and field trips. The two- week camp is offered to children between grades 1 though 6. Most often problems as adults begin with lack of education as children and we are pleased to offer this unique program.

The essential commitment of the Wayne Township Trustee’s Office is to provide prompt, necessary relief to eligible citizens and residents of our Township. We are dedicated to the important role of providing temporary emergency assistance to those whose personal efforts have not enabled them to meet life’s challenges on their own. We are keenly aware of its dual roles.‑It is a community leader in countering the effects of the cycles of poverty, while maintaining careful guardianship of the taxpayers’ resources.

In performing such roles, we are dedicated to forming strong working relationships with community resources that share in the advocacy of providing the knowledge, the means, and above all else, the commitment of enriching the lives of the less fortunate citizens of our great community.

The Waynedale News Staff

Matthew Schomburg

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