There are many people who follow the Good Red Road that are not Native and I have heard Indian men and women from many different tribes call them “Wannabees.”

Well, let me say this:‑ They don’t get drunk, they don’t use drugs, they work and are good family men and women.‑Yes indeed, they follow the Good Red Road.‑ Red, yellow, black or white they may be, and somewhere along the line they have seen, felt and heard the Good Red Road call out to them and they got it because it gives them peace, harmony, love and respect.

If you have anger with them, then perhaps you have taken a detour from the Good Red Road.‑ I will pray for you and ask Grandfather to heal your heart so that we can ALL travel the road together – the road of Peace, Harmony, Love and Respect.‑ The Good Red Road.

God Bless you, my brothers and sisters.


Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing
Turtle Clan Mohawk

The Waynedale News Staff
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Rev. Thomas Dancing Feather Ebbing

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