It’s an unfortunate fact that burglars know how easy it is to break into most homes or apartments. That’s why thieves usually spend less than two minutes trying to get a window or door open before giving up and looking for an easier target.

“By taking some relatively simple and inexpensive precautions, you can make your house a difficult, and less attractive, target for thieves,” says Allstate Agent Kevin Gwozdz. “Doing this will provide a more secure environment for you and your loved ones.”


To help safeguard your home and make it less inviting to burglars, here are some safety tips from the Allstate Insurance Company: 

1. Invest in a home security system.
An alarm system is an excellent deterrent to crime. The system should include a loud siren and motion sensors. Display security system decals on your windows and doors.

2. Lock all doors and windows when you leave home.
Even if you’re just running out on a short errand, make sure all doors and windows are locked. Deadbolts provide the best security.

3. Keep window coverings slightly open.
Drapes and shades that are fully closed give a deserted look to your home.

4. Keep valuables out of sight.
Keep valuables away from the windows so burglars can’t see them from outside. Use an etching tool so valuables are easily identifiable. Prepare a household inventory of all your belongings and write down any serial numbers.

5. Don’t make it easy for thieves to use your keys.
Don’t hide a key in the mailbox, under the doormat or above the doorway. Don’t put your name and address on your key ring. When valet parking or leaving your car for service, give the attendant only your car key. If you think a former owner or tenant might still have keys to your home, change the locks.

6. Have your mail held at the post office when you leave town.
Full mailboxes make it clear to burglars that no one is home. Stop newspaper delivery and ask a friend or neighbor to pick up any packages or flyers left outside.

7. Keep your garage door locked.
Keeping your garage locked is as important as keeping your home locked, especially if the garage is attached. Once inside the garage, a burglar can work uninterrupted at getting into your home.

8. Don’t tell strangers or casual acquaintances that you’re going out of town.
Although they may seem trustworthy, you’d be surprised how quickly news spreads.

9. Join a neighborhood watch program or consider starting one.
These programs are designed by and for local community residents to help ensure the safety of all those living in the area. They are a great defense against crime.


For more information on burglary prevention and other safety topics, contact Allstate Agent Kevin Gwozdz at 260-436-2787.

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