I enjoy looking at old newspaper clippings. The way to save a clipping is to cut the left top heading of the page and put that with the article. Many people save clippings and later have no idea the date or what newspaper featured it. I guess when you read old clippings you are reading history.

One of interest was titled: Congress vows to look at steroid use in baseball. The article appeared on June 11, 2002. It stated Senator Bryon Dorgan D-ND said Monday June 10 he plans to hold a hearing that also will look at steroid use in the Olympics and among college athletes. Dogan was Chairman of Consumer Affairs, Foreign Commerce and Tourism Sub Committee of the Senate Commerce Committee.

Another article in USA Today, “Congress Demands Action on Steroids.” This time an investigation by the Senate Commerce Committee chaired by Tom Davis, R-VA.

Later on, Baseball Under Fire, USA Today Newsline, March 18, 2005: “The House Government Reform Committee held an eleventh hour hearing on steroid use in the game.”

As I said before, reading old newspaper clippings is like reading history and congress is going to do something about steroids soon?

And that’s the way most people see it.

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