ASA Late Models – The ASA Late Series invaded the Baer Field Speedway for the second time this year. South Bend native Bobby Stremme set fast time and started 8th on the field. Stemme made short work of the front 3 rows and took the lead on lap 8. Steven Leicht who started 7th worked his way slowly forward and found himself second after 50 laps. At mid-race it appeared that Stremme was starting to lose the handle on the car and Leicht was able to get through the middle of the corner considerably quicker than Stremme. Even though Leicht appeared to be slightly quicker he could not find a way around the #53 car of Stremme. With 23 laps to go Leicht made minor contact with Stemme’s car in turn 4 and slipped underneath for the lead. Leicht would lead the remaining 23 circuits for the win.

USA Modifieds – It was Baer Field Speedway regulars vs. the weekly runners of the USA Modified series. Local Jeremy Wallen set fast time and would take the lead on lap 8 and would not be headed in the remaining 50 laps of the main event. Bud Adams in 2nd and George Perkins in 3rd finished up a dominating run for the Baer Field regulars, USA weekly runner Jeff Lane came home in 4th.

Late Models – Johnny Gatton Jr. took home his second win of the season. Gatton started on the outside of the front row and lead all 30 laps. Al Cook Jr. started 5th and worked his way to 2nd by lap 5 and pressed Gatton for the remaining 25 laps but never found a way around. Following Gatton and Cook across the line were Fast Eddie Spangler, Kevin Frasier and Rich Boal.

Top 5…Johnny Gatton Jr., Al Cook Jr., Fast Eddie Spangler, Kevin Frasier, Rich Boal.

Street Stocks – Bobby Berring Jr. captured his 6th main event win of the season. Pole sitter and 2nd place point runner Scott Minnick started on the pole and took the early lead. Berring started 5th and was fighting with Minnick by lap 4, going into turn one, Berring went around on the outside and would lead the remaining 15 laps. Point leader Jonathon Martin came home 3rd followed by Sheldon Lindlag and Jamie Garrett.

Top 5…Bobby Bering Jr., Scott Minnick, Jonathon Martin, Sheldon Lindlag, Jamie Garrett.

Mini Stocks – Point leader Keith Woods captured his 4th main event win of the year tieing him with point runner-up Justin Meriwether. Meriwether would come home 2nd in the 20 lap main event. Woods and Meriwether were followed by Russ Miller, Zach Sipe and Brad McBride. The race was shortened to 17 laps after Tim Miller and Chris Thompson hit the front stretch wall and track crews had to cut the top off of Millers car so he could be extracted. Miller was transported to the local hospital for further evaluation.

Top 5…Keith Woods, Justin Meriwether, Russ Miller, Zach Sipe, Brad McBride.

The Waynedale News Staff

Carl D. Culp

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